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Topla Top AGM Stop & Go

TopLA Top AGM Stop & Go batteries are Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries intended for use in vehicles with enhanced level Start-Stop function with break energy recuperation. VRLA AGM battery is improved lead acid battery to its maximum performance. The battery cells are closed by a pressure relief valve and electrolyte is immobilized in absorbed glass mat (AGM). plate stacks are kept in the cells under pressure.

+ Very low water consumption due to internal oxygen recombination,
+ preventing active material shedding boast more than three times as much cyclic capability as standard batteries and can be more discharged without any loss of functionality
+ Increased cranking power due to better utilization of cell volume by more than 30 %
+ High rate charge acceptance for recovering energy more quickly during driving phase
+ Both side pasting of plates provides better corrosion resistance providing a longer life time
+ No acid stratification like in flooded cells
+ Explosive safe - minimum explosive gasses are produced + Vibration resistance and no acid leakage in case of crash

BHD Layout Weight
Remarks TDS
114060 L2 AGM ED TAG60 60 L2 680 242x175x190 B13 0 18.5 57/90 AGM, H TDS >>
114070 L3 AGM ED TAG70 70 L3 760 278x175x190 B13 0 21.0 48/80 AGM, H TDS >>
114080 L4 AGM ED TAG80 80 L4 800 315x175x190 B13 0 24.0 36/60 AGM, H TDS >>
114090 L5 AGM ED TAG95 95 L5 850 353x175x190 B13 0 27.0 36/60 AGM, H TDS >>