Topla Batteries
Topla Top EFB Stop & Go

Topla Top EFB Stop & Go batteries are so called Enhanced flooded Batteries intended for use in vehicles with entry level Start-Stop function. EfB batteries utilize the latest innovations in ca/ca flooded battery manufacturing technology, providing for the superior reliable power as demanded by the latest generation of cars with entry level Start-Stop system.

+ MfW fleece on positive plates, preventing active material shedding boast twice as much cyclic capability as standard batteries and can be more discharged without any loss of functionality
+ Improved charge acceptance for recovering energy more quickly during driving phase using special expander with carbon
+ The expanded metal technology results in better corrosion resistance providing a longer life time
+ Sealed cover construction, roll over proof
+ Maintenance free
+ The level indicator (magic eye) provides an instant status check
+ Explosion protection with flame arrestor

BHD Layout Weight
Remarks TDS
112060 56088 SMF TSG60 60 L2 580 242x175x190 B13 0 17.0 57/90 SMF, ME, H TDS
112065 56588 SMF TSG65 65 L3B 650 278x175x175 B13 0 18.0 48/96 SMF, ME, H, HD TDS
112070 57088 SMF TSG70 70 L3 680 278x175x190 B13 0 19.5 48/80 SMF, ME, H, HD TDS
112080 58088 SMF TSG80 80 L4 760 315x175x190 B13 0 22.0 36/60 SMF, ME, H, HD TDS
112090 59088 SMF TSG90 90 L5 850 353x175x190 B13 0 25.0 36/60 SMF, ME, H, HD TDS